Blog Inspiration

One of my favorite inspiring blogs: I go by Katie
I love her beautiful photography, and I'm inspired by her ability to support herself with her creative passions.

Photo from I go by Katie


Henna Project

I've finally finished up my henna project for one of my classes! It took about two weeks from start to finish. I started out by covering myself in henna and taking photos as it first darkened and then began to fade over time. I arranged the final photos and printed a 44 inch poster of them. Then tonight I filled in some of the white space on the poster with actual henna. I covered the paste in gloss medium to keep it from cracking and falling off. It's finally finished, and I'm really happy with it. I only wish I had had a better camera to shoot with. Here are a few shots, and the full poster file.

Monday Mix

Here is a mix for a chill Monday morning. It's 55˚ and partially cloudy. I love cool and crisp days like this. Here is what I'm listening to this morning:


Weekly Accomplishments

-I made good progress on my henna project for class. I will post about the completed piece sometime next week.
-I finished a new website design for my work. We'll see if they like it!
-I got a good start on my sound installation for my 3D class.
-I finished up my intervention projects for Markings, Methods and Materials
-I gave my blog a makeover and set up a new posting schedule!

This weekend I will be alternating between writing a paper, studying for a final, painting Easter eggs, watching the Doctor Who Series 6 premier, and having Easter at my grandparents house. I hope you have a lovely weekend!


A Thursday Wish

Here in Rochester we're slowly but surely moving into spring, and I'd love this Anorak jacket for the chillier days:
Photo from Spotted Moth
Putting in on my wishlist. 



Here are my seven interventions:
 Paper Planes

I put these little paper airplanes all through the tunnels and in Gleason. They actually fly in a straight line instead of nose-diving like every other paper airplane I've made. 

Notes of Hope

 I placed a bunch of little strips of paper with hopeful words written on them throughout Gleason library. 

New Owner

 I found this book that abandoned in Sue B. my freshman year after everyone went home for the summer. It was probably for a class, but it's full of interesting essays and stories. I decided it would be perfect to pass on to a new reader (or to someone who might be takeng that class next year). 

Saving the World


 I made this poster and hung it in the BME building. Someday those students will be doing their part to save the world, and I'd like to think we all do a little of that each day by creating great things.

 Lost Love Note

 I left an imagined love note on a table in the library. Maybe it will encourage someone to stop waiting and embrace life. 

Little Stars

I folded all these tiny paper stars and put them in several different places in Rush Rhees.

I hung up flyers on campus with tiny coupons good for one day of living life to the fullest.


Bits of my Life

I bought a dress for casual wear for the first time. I even wore it in public!

These are little stars I made and left on a library bench for an intervention for one of my classes. 

I had my first henna house-call. I drove out to henrietta and did this design and the adoption symbol for a really wonderful customer. 

Rory has taken to hanging out in our apartment via Skype. He sits on top of the couch while we hang out and watch Doctor Who. 

I'm working on an art project for one of my classes involving henna. I haven't decided whether or not to share it with the internet yet, but it's coming out really well. 

Spring is a little late, I think, but I don't mind. The air has been crisp and fresh, lots of windy rainstorms which I love, and nice cloudy days. It's 45 degrees right now, but Wednesday calls for a high of 62 with thunderstorms. Can't beat that!


Random things about me

I am a black belt

I hate creamed corn more than any other food on the planet.

Once I had alopecia areata, but my hair grew back.

My eyes are pretty awesome colors because of something called central heterochromia

One of my best friends lives across the pond.

I sing. Pretty well, if I do say so myself.

I would be a cat lady if I were single. I may be one now...

I love musical theater, and found some of my closest friends through it.

I love rainy days more than sunny ones.