The Physiological Mechanisms and Effects of Music on Human Emotion

This is a literature review I wrote for for a music cognition course I am enrolled in. I was fairly limited, because we were limited to 6 pages, and 4 sources. If I had my way, it would probably be much more comprehensive. Enjoy!

Music and Emotion


Do you believe there is a god?

It started out as something to pass the time during my most boring class of the day.
Just for amusement I asked random strangers on Omegle if they believed in a god, and why.

I’ve compiled some of the results here.
Out of 40 people, I was able to divide the responses into several categories:

  1. Yes, No reason: 14 people
  2. Yes, Moral reasons: 1 person
  3. Yes, Umm... 4 people
  4. ???: 4 people
  5. Refusal to answer:12 people
  6. No: 4 people
  7. Mixed: 1 person
These are some of my yeses:

Some of my rather confusing responses:

Some of my “no” responses:

My mixed response:

Overall, a rather depressing experiment.