Recipe for driving everyone on your floor crazy: Simmer one clove of minced garlic on the stove until the smell permeates every wall. People will run to the kitchen to see what smells so delicious.


Oven Beef Jerky!

I found a simple enough snack to make that is more filling and more healthier than most of the snack like food available on campus! All you need is access to an oven, ground beef, and a beef jerky kit. It was very simple to make, and very tasty.
I mixed up some beef jerky cure and seasoning with two pounds of ground beef, and refrigerated the mixture overnight. The next morning, Shea spread it out onto two pans and cut it into slices. We set the oven to 200˚F and put the pans in. So far it's been in for about five hours, and its finally starting to look like jerky.