Lilac Festival

Rochester holds a wonderful 10 day festival every year to showcase the beautiful lilac blooms that fill Highland Park each spring. While most of those ten days were filled with rain this year, Shea and I did manage to fit in a picnic with some friends between showers.


Wedding Wishes

I'm starting to scour the internet for everything wedding, even though it won't be for over a year. I can't help it! I'll share some pretty things with you.


Music for my Rainy Monday

It's been raining for three days straight now, and even I am tired of it. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't that cold, cutting, drizzly, windy kind of rain that just soaks you to the bone. It's only 43˚ out there. So here is a mix I found on 8tracks that is laid back and chill and perfect for the rain.


The Proposal

Shea asked me a few weeks back when my next free day would be. We hadn't spent a lot of time together due to my classes and his work load. I told him I could spare one day before finals started to do something fun, as long as it started after my voice lesson in the morning.

When I got back to the apartment that day, Shea wasn't there, and there were two envelopes taped to the door. They were the beginnings of a scavenger hunt.

He led me on a trail of envelopes that were hidden in places that were significant to our relationship. Each envelope held a picture of the next location, and a little paragraph he had written about what the current place meant to him. I was instructed to add my sentiments below. The first 10 envelopes led me all around campus, and then to a cafe in our favorite Borders, where I had to talk to the cashier. She gave me the next envelope which led to our apartment. The envelope there took me to Letchworth state park!

When I arrived at the location marked on the map Shea had left me, he was waiting with a picnic laid out for us. I had my suspicious about the reason for all this, but Shea did an excellent job of throwing me off the trail. There was a gift bag on the table, and he told me to open it. Remember how I've been saving up to buy a DSLR? Well... I don't need to save anymore! Shea bought me a Canon EOS 50D! That was what he had used to take all the pictures in the scavenger hunt. To me, that justified the whole extravaganza, and I wasn't expecting anything else. Shea sat with me as we munched on the picnic and showed me all the photos he had taken. Then he got to the last photo...
I said yes.