Post-Graduation Plans

I've given a lot of thought to the path I'll take after graduation. I know a few things are pretty certain, but others are more cloudy.

Shea and I will be moving to New Hampshire at the end of May. We hope to be near Portsmouth. I will likely get whatever full time position I can, hopefully in something photography related. Shea will continue doing freelance programming while doing research on the side. My plan as of now is to start a photography business that I can grow while working at my day job. At first I'll probably be doing some events, e-sessions, and family photography, but no weddings. I've been contacting many photographers in the area we are relocating to in hopes to be an assistant and hopefully and eventual second shooter for weddings. Then once I feel as though I have enough experience I'll begin working this into my own business. I have yet to see a wedding, so this is really a big question mark for me right now. Hopefully I'll love them as much as I think I will!

If anyone knows of a job in the NH/Boston area I would be so very grateful if you'd let me know!

A reminder, my website/portfolio can be found at www.alyssa-mae.com

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