Artist Statement

Technology is no longer a novelty. It is part of the way we live. It keeps us connected, and at the same time distances us. It is often a replacement for human interaction, and falls short. But without it, there would be no substitute, only absence.

There is a careful balancing act to play in my own life with technology and human interaction. A phone call or a poor quality photo on the computer is not a good substitute for a person in the same room with me. However, technology enables me to get some form of interaction where there would otherwise be nothing, though it may be distorted or incomplete. In my work I try to capture the struggle of interacting with an imcomplete image. While technology is advanced, it still cannot replace realtiy. There will always still be missing information, and an imcomplete image that is not the same as the face I see in person.

Having a long distance relationship means that more often than not, what I see of my Fiance is through a computer screen from a low quality camera in a dark room. I'm experimenting with ways of representing this concept in my work, as well as the emotions that accompany distance from someone you care about.

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